At Savannah's Secret Gardens we can help you put a secret in your garden that will "Wow" your friends and family.  Place a beautiful statue in a corner bed or island bed and plant a punch of color around the base.

A decorative pot or planter can be placed in any flower bed as a focal point by planting around it or for something a little different,  laid over on its side.

You could place a unique fountain on your porch ans surround it with a few planters filled with colorful plants or place it in the flower bed near the porch or patio so you and your guests will be able to enjoy the tranquil sounds of running water.

Maybe you just want to plant an unusual exotic plant in a few different spots in the garden for that  "wow" factor. Night Blooming Jasmine is one of my favorites that I tell everyone they should have in their garden.  It grows as a shrub but dies back in the winter (hardy perennial ).  The small white blooms permeates the air in the evenings and early morning.

However, the passion Flower is always fragrant and smell wonderful!  The blooms are bold and eye catching. It is a vine that will grow on a fence or you can put it on a trellis near your patio or porch and when the winds blow that wonderful smell will drift over and excite your senses.

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