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Add a Fountain to Your Yard for Zen!

Fountains are great for attracting birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.
With this one you can also have a water garden
  it is called the Bali Frog Fountain.

 This Mermaid fountain can be place in any container
 to make a beautiful water garden.  
She is made of solid brass with a lovey patina.

this is a great water feature for your patio or porch.

For that Coastal look
This is another great one for the patio or porch.  

This is a beautiful lighted fountain
it looks just like a real tree log.

This is a fun and playful feature you can add to any water garden.

One of our favorites! 
The Copper Hummingbird Fountain
it comes in a box with everything you need except
 a pot or bowl to put it in and of course we have lots of pretty pots and bowls.
Stop by today and let us help you pick the perfect fountain for your garden.