Do You Want To Create A Moonlight Garden?

Here are some suggestions to help you create
 a beautiful, sensual, fragrant garden!
Moonlight Jasmine ( below) is very fragrant!!
A must in any landscape especially in your moonlight garden.
As is the Star Jasmine
Pink Jasmine

and the Lime Light Hydrangea.
White Mandavilla is a climber that you can use on a trellis.

 Variegated Hosta is beautiful and the blooms release their scent at night.

 Use other light colored plants as accent or borders
for a beautiful glow when the moonlight hits them.

Variegated Basil releases a spicy scent when you brush against it.

Angel Trumpet has a stronger scent after the sun goes down.

White Caladiums reflect the moonlight on their leaves.

Hibiscus and Variegated Bromeliads
 are tropical beauties to add to your garden.
Imagination is all it takes to create the
 perfect Moonlight Garden

Stop by today and let us help you create you own Moonlight garden.